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You will learn to use the up and coming tools for digital creation.

Most schools teach the industry standards, but in our rapidly evolving times many standard tools fall behind in capability and relevance.

Our approach is much more adaptive and modern, so you can learn the most current workflows and technologies to stay on top of the game and offer unique solutions to problems.

📯 Reviews

What do professionals think?

Mike Diva

Director at SNL (New York)

Calvin’s like my go-to VFX wizard – a Swiss Army knife who always find a way to pull off whatever crazy thing I throw at him. He doesn’t just get the job done; he adds his own flair of style and humor to make it uniquely awesome. I know I can always count on him to take my ideas to the next level..

Josh Frackleton

Director (Los Angeles)

I've had the pleasure of working with Calvin on a dozen projects, and I'm constantly amazed at his ability to produce incredible work at blistering speeds.

He has a highly creative mind, and thrives in situations that require expressive, exciting and hyperbolic filmmaking. I love having Calvin on-set as a VFX supervisor, making sure everything we're capturing in-camera is correct for post.

In addition to being a great artist, Calvin is a highly-effective team leader, capable of managing entire VFX/3D teams.

Karl Richter

Director & Writer (Los Angeles)

Calvin is one of the most collaborative artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We brought him on to a project that had insane deadlines asking way more than we should have (as usual) for hundreds of deliverables (God bless social media). We were doing long form commercials for one Client and every single project required VFX, while some required VFX on every single shot. That was outside of all of the end-graphics and title requirements, which, classically, changed at least ten times at the 11th hour on every single film.

Calvin lead his team not only to get every deliverable across the finish line on time, but with flying colors. His attention to detail is somewhat staggering given the variety of material we were creating (each film was unique) and he always offered up something that looked great, fulfilling the images in my head that exceeded my expectations.

Despite our needs and our Client’s needs, he found a way to problem-solve on everything while maintaining a never-ending level of patience required when it comes to the last crucial finishing steps.

The work we delivered blew away the Client, which in the end, is our primary goal.

It was my pleasure working alongside him and I would highly recommend Calvin and his team to anyone who needs a great creative collaborator and creative Producer, especially under severe time constraints.

Daniel Williams

Cinematographer (Los Angeles)

Calvin is a pretty magical dude. He’s always calm under pressure and cares more about doing a good job than anything else. He’s as humble as he is talented which is saying a lot. He always puts a smile on everyone’s face and is professional as hell. I love the guy.

🏛️ Classes

All classes will happen in free daily public live streams. Check out the events list on Discord to see the different types of classes and join them to learn together with everyone.

  • 🧊Blender 3D Beginner Course
    You want to learn the basics for the well known 3D powerhouse Blender? This is the perfect start, as we walk our Students through the software.
  • ✂️🔥Resolve & Fusion Beginner Course
    Learn the basics of editing and compositing in Resolve & Fusion.
  • 🛠️New Tool Tuesday
    Oh boy! Time to learn something completely all over again. Join us to learn about the newest free and open source tools to enhance your creative workflow.
  • 💼Professional Friday
    Let's talk about the industry. We will share the latest insight into the creative industry. All the news and special guests.
  • 🌈Create Together
    We will go through our Student submissions to give feedback and work on them together.
  • 🧪Weekly Challenge
    Your goal is to finish a artwork, render or small video every week. Submit your finished project by the following Friday.

🥇 Levels

You will gain points for interacting and sharing on the Discord server, which will give you benefits for reaching specific levels.

  • Level 4: Receive the Helpful role.
  • Level 10: Free Student Membership for 3 months.

🦾 Membership

You can get a Student membership on Patreon.

This will unlock the student channels on Discord, which will give you exclusive features:

  • 📺Watch all past classes.
  • 🧪Send your projects in for review and hands on improvements in daily classes.
  • 💾Exclusive Project Files.
  • 📢Be part of live streams via voice chat.
  • ⭐Receive a personalized portfolio website as a 1 year graduation bonus.


Our mentors will help you develop your individual interests and skills.

Calvin Serrano

School Principal, Filmmaker, 3D/VFX Generalist, Co-founder of MORI.

Kim Nilsson

3D/VFX generalist, Compositor, Video Editor.

📢 Discord Server

Discord is our main way of communication outside of the live streams. Our mentors are available around the clock to help students with their problems or questions.

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